Below you can find publications stemming from FINDER project (2017-2022).

1.   Douka, K. and Higham, T. 2017. The Chronological Factor in Understanding the Middle and Upper Paleolithic of Eurasia. Current Anthropology 58:S17, S480-S490. link

2.  Bae, C.J., Douka, K., Petraglia, M.D. 2017. On the origin of modern humans: Asian Perspectives. Science 358, 1269. link

A pilot study that led to the development of FINDER was led by PhD student Samantha Brown and you can find it here:

Brown, S., Higham, T., Slon, V., Pääbo, S., Meyer, M., Douka, K., Brock, F., Comeskey, D., Procopio, N., Shunkov, M., Derevianko, A., Buckley, M. 2016. Identification of a new hominin bone from Denisova Cave, Siberia using collagen fingerprinting and mitochondrial DNA analysis. Nature Scientific Reports 6: 23559. link