FINDER is a 5-year research project (2017-2022) funded by the European Research Council.  It aims at recovering, analysing and characterising new human remains, whether Denisovans, Neanderthals, modern humans, or others, from Pleistocene Eurasia over the past 200,000 years. It uses a novel combination of state-of-the art scientific methods in peptide mass fingerprinting, ancient DNA, chronometric dating and stable isotope analyses.


FINDER has initiated several collaborations across Eurasia with local archaeologists and museum curators. In the following pages we outline some of them:

North Asia   |   Rest of Asia   |   Europe


New PhD student

The first PhD student for FINDER, Samantha Brown, arrived in Europe from her native Australia to undertake a 3-year research degree with FINDER. After obtaining her BA in Archaeology in Australia, Samantha (Sam) moved in 2016 to the University of Oxford where she received a MSc degree. For her Masters dissertation she worked on the …